Monday, July 28, 2008

What an awesome day!

As you know, babywearing has become of my hobbies (& passions) since I had KB. I am always looking for new ways to comfortable carry my baby, and new carriers to try. I typically wear KB on my front, in the ring sling (which she *loves*!!).... but with VBS starting tonight(!), was looking for a technique/carrier (like a wrap), so that I could carry KB on my back. While we were out with my MIL today (She likes to kidnap us occasionally - which I appreciate getting out of the house!), and when I mentioned my mission.... she just so happened to have Pitter Patter (one of our lovely baby/children's consignment shops here).'s number in her phone. I called, and sure enough... they had a wrap! I was able to get lovely heather-grey wrap for right at $20! They had a beautiful, (used) Natural colored Maya ring sling... which brand new run $45-$60..... marked $22, and then reduced (hence the red line through it) for only $11!! ::amazed look:: Given the awesome price, I *almost* bought it... but then decided against it, due to our current finances. But I did let the ladies know in my baby group, in case it could bless someone else!!

The other cool thing about my trip, was that I also was able to talk with/educate the gal working today, *all* about babywearing - complete with demos! :-) I gave her the info for one of the local babywearing groups, for when mommies come in with babywearing questions. (she says she gets a lot of them, and doesn't have clue as to what to tell them!). and even found the clip in "Mommy Magazine" which also gave her the gal-in-charge's number, reference! She was so happy to have met me... and I was so glad to be able to share & help! :-)

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