Monday, September 8, 2008

Better Water.... For a better life!

We just got a shower filtration system from and after only two showers, I absolutely LOVE It! My hair is SO much softer and less weighed down feeling!! Apparently there is a lot more chlorine and gunk in our water than I realized!! (Eww!! - really kinda gross, when you stop and think about it!) So now we can take showers without soaking up/inhaling all those nasty chemicals and such!! Yay!

Also, the filter we got is the exact same filter as Aquasana, only with a private label, pHionh2O.... and cheaper!! (always a plus)

Here's the deal they are currently running...
pHionH2O is offering 50% off their Viva shower filter system (removes chlorine, lead and other contaminants) if you sign up for their auto-ship filter refill program.

For a comparable filter on other sites you pay at least $170.

1. Add the pHionH2O Viva Shower Filtration System : $97.99
2. Join the Auto-Ship Program, Ship in 6 months : $00.01
3. coupon price : -50% | Code: 50offsystem ( Exp : 09/30/08 )
(Shipping & Handling is free!)

Final Price: $49.00 Shipped

Plus, every 6 months you will be shipped your replacement cartridge for a special price of $42 (reg. price $57).
For full detail, click here
For drinking water we have a water ionizer! It seems that most people have reverse osmosis'.... but while RO's strip *everything* out of the water (including good-for-you minerals), ionizers convert your tap water into antioxidant alkaline water! Americans typically have very acidic diets, so you need the alkaline for a balance. We recently tested my in-laws reverse osmosis, and on the acidic scale (4 being most acidic, 7 neutral, and 12 most alkaline... (a battery is below a 1).... the RO rated approx a 6.

Now we just need to get something for the [bathroom] sink, and we'll be all set!


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