Monday, September 22, 2008

Childlike Faith...

Have you ever seen it? It's truly a beautiful sight. Last night I had the honor of observing two little girls and their childlike faith. To us, the circumstances may have seemed petty... but to these little girls, it was a special lesson on faith.

I was enjoying a time of fellowship with a few ladies at church, while our hubbies played/ fellowshipped.. and our little ones (all the same age) played happily on the floor around us. Suddenly Cheyanne came up to her mommy to ask her if she could go over to another little girl's house to make cookies. As her mommy agreed, her face suddenly lit up with a look of surprise yet extreme delight. Upon inquiry as to the look... Cheyanne finally admitted that she has prayed her mommy would say yes. Meanwhile Olivia (a drama queen to say the least) overheard her... and next thing we all know, she is knelt down in the corner, FERVENTLY praying that her mommy would have the same answer. Tears were running down her precious, beautiful, little face as she besought the Lord for what, to her seemed like such an important decision. She finished her prayer and rushed off the find her mommy (who BTW said yes - esp after she heard of her prayer).... it was all so innocent & sweet.

Then I got thinking.... we should have the faith of these little girls... to go to God with everything... even the things that may seem too insignificant & maybe even meaningless... you never know what might happen!

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