Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Of bean dip and rainstorms...

Tonight we are going to Karabeth's friend Zoe's 1st birthday party. It is a potluck, so I planned on making a Mexican bean dip... the problem being, I only had half the ingredients in the house to make it. I look out side. It's getting more overcast by the minute, and the wind in starting to pick up, like there is definitely going to be rain in our near future. I debate if I want to risk it or not. I decided that there was no choice... I *needed* that stuff, and had to get it, have it assembled and chilled before 5pm. I look at the clock... 2:30. Not much time. I go and find my shoes, say a quick prayer that the Lord hold back the rain, load the bare necessities in one of our reusable grocery bags (my wallet, a spare nappy, wipes, a pacifier, & KB's cup), put KB in the Babyhawk, and start walking. Wow it's humid out. I make it almost to corner when I hear my name being called. huh? I turn around and it's my Aunt Heide and cousin, Brooke. They give my a short lift the rest of the way to the grocery store. Ahh... the air in the Honda Element feels good! We bid our farewells, and I head into the store. My list isn't very long, so other than not being familiar with the layout, I find everything pretty quickly. Now it's time to head home. I look up to the sky... still cloudy, and *oh*so*hot*.... but no sign of rain, yet. I say another prayer, as I walk across the big parking lot area to Burger King. A nice cold ICEE sounds good right now! I order an ICEE and a spicy chicken, for which I had a free coupon! I quickly eat it down, soaking in all the AC that I can... and then with KB still on my back, my bag of groceries on one shoulder, and my ICEE in my other hand... we start walking home. Once home, I set about unloading the groceries and assembling the yummy bean dip... when I suddenly hear pounding on the kitchen roof. I look outside, and the rain is coming down in a torrential downpour... the wind is howling & whipping around... it's really nasty looking. But I am inside perfectly dry... with a tasty bean dip all made and ready to go! Thank you Lord for hearing my prayers and holding back the storm!!

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