Friday, September 12, 2008

Question of the day...

Is eating cheese puffs dipped in chili is really that gross or weird??

We had chili dogs, cheese puffs, brownies & lemonade for dinner at church the other night... (though not the healthiest meal.. it was graciously offered, at not cost to us!) After eating what was on my plate, I had some leftover chili, and so decided to dip my cheese puffs in it. I was quite enjoying myself, when all of a sudden someone goes.. "OMG are you pregnant?!" I was like, "um, no.. not that I am aware of." (confused) She seemed so grossed out me eating them - though I really didn't think it was that wierd! I told her so, as well as "if I was dipping my brownie in my chili, then that question would make more sense..." (lol!) I asked my DH and he said he thought it was pretty normal sounding... but I just wondered what y'all thought??? Weird, just different, or normal???

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