Saturday, November 1, 2008


I just found the *cutest* line of wooden animal toys....OMW! I am totally in LOVE!! They are handmade wooden toys, made by a company called Anamalz: Environmentally friendly animals... designed in Australia.... made with organic maple wood and textile products. ... painted with water based paints... and absolutely adorable!!

Within their "anamalz range"... there are three different catergories of animals: FarmAnamalz, WildAnamalz, & AustralianAnamalz... which each contain 7-10 adorable animals. And the really cool thing... they are only $6-$7 [an animal] on Amazon!! Not a bad deal for quality wooden toys!! ~ I added a bunch to KB's wishlist! ;-)

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Bryce & Heather said...

those are to stinking cute! I want to get some!