Friday, October 17, 2008

KB did SO good with ECing today. She had very few accidents, and even signaled me several times, when she needed to go. Well, really good until tonight. Then it happened. Our first real EC disaster. Now, don't get me wrong... we've had our share of pee-pee cleanups on the hard floor... poopy cleanups on the hard floor... and even a few pee-pee cleanups on the carpet - Those are no big deal. - But tonight we had the worst...
I hear KB fussing, and look down to see she had just had a bad case of the runs... all the way across the carpeted bedroom floor. Apparently something we ate yesterday didn't settle well with us, as I have had a stomach ache & nausea all day today... and now this. I swooped KB into the bathroom, & promptly into the tub.... while DH got out the vinegar water, and started on his way, scrubbing the carpet... and what a job that was - he is so sweet. So now she is out of the tub... all lotioned up (her new obsession. lol!) and is now nursing & falling asleep. So sweet. I love my baby!! (even is she does make stinky messes on the floor sometimes..)

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