Sunday, October 26, 2008

A rollercoaster weekend...

And no, unfortunately we didn't visit any amusement parks this weekend. The rollercoaster I am talking about, is referring to a roller coaster of emotion... and I boy am glad to get off! (well hopefully. The weekend is over... and hopefully the emotions will go with it!) Here's a map of what our weekend looked like....

Boarded the rollercoaster on Friday afternoon... after B had a great interview, and seemed hopeful in the response....

Up - Got to watch little miss Zoe on Friday... make a little extra $$... and get a small (yet tiring) glimpse of what it's like to be a mommy to twins! (whew!)

Down - Best Buy: We're still haven't heard anything... but are trying to wait patiently. Since they said we'd hear from them "sometime this weekend"... If we still haven't heard anything by noon tomorrow, B's going to call them...

Up - Teens in Training: We had an awesome youth event on Friday night... a county-wide treasure/scavenger hunt! There were five teams, each with 3-4 teens and two leaders. We had a list of challenges to do (like gather & return 12 carts at a store... or buy & drink a milkshake at Big Olaf's, or buy/sign/hand deliver a greeting card to one of the team's parents...) , as well as a list of items to collect (napkin, a turkey or ham for Hope Children's Home, a pumpkin, a screw from Lowes or Home Depot, and many more.). Unfortunately, there were also some catches... only one thing could be done or purchased per location.... and the teens and one leader had to stay together at all times. B and I were on a team of three *energetic* young men... and by the time it was done, I was *exhausted*! Since B was the driver, and we had KB... there were lots of times, it was easiest to just leave them in the van, as I follow (run /chase/yell at/corral/etc) after the guys. In the end, we completed all the challenges... manged to collect everything except for the Little Caesars Pizza box & live frog. (couldn't find one, and it costs $30-50 to buy one... crazy!)... got all five bonuses (any time we completed a challenge, we would text a picture to Pastor Dan, who would then send up a picture clue as to where a bonus might be. And at each spot, there were only four plates for five teams.)... and only lost to the first place team, by 28¢ (because we didn't grab the recipet from the chocolate milk... darn!). It was tiring but extremely fun!

Big Drop Down - Church: I found out that a very special and influential young man from our church was killed (shot multiple times) while pumping gas at a local statin on Friday afternoon. The police believe it was an attempted car-jacking. Delvis first came to church in our bus ministry... as a very rough boy. There were many times, where our church workers could have decided to take the "easy" route, and give up on him... but they never did. As a result, Delvis got saved... made an amazing life turn-around, and used his testimony to lead *many* to the Lord... including 50 of the 53 young people he brought to the church, and most of his high school football team. Delvis continued to serve as one of the teen-aged leaders in our youth group as well as the bus ministry, until he graduated & joined the Marine reserves... for which he served eight months in Iraq. Through the years, he has touched/influenced/changed so many lives through his [way too short] life. Needless to say, much of the congregation was really emotional this morning. Though we know D is in a better place... he was a big part of our church family... and it's still REALLY hard to have him gone ~ RIP Delvis (10.24.08) - Though we know you're in a better place, you will be greatly missed!!!

Up - Family time: Though money is really tight right now (and getting more so by each day)... B picked up an extra side job (a quick computer fix for someone at church).... just so he could take us to out for some long overdue family time. We went to the movies (morning $5 tickets are an awesome thing) & then grabbed some lunch at the mall... which included some much needed heart to heart conversation. <3

Up & Down - Bittersweet goodbyes: Our good friend JAmes left today, to "officially" make his move to Southern California. He came by last night, for a final goodbye,.. and we had a lovely [lengthy] visit, filled with smiles, laughter, fond memories revisited, KB-centric fun & love, and his awesome bear hugs! -- While it comforting to know he already has plans to come back, and come back often (the company's corporate office is here... as well as his family.)... it's certainly isn't easy to see him go!

Up - We had gorgeous weather today, where we actaully got to wear long sleeves for a good part of the day.... and I hear it's supposed to be even a little colder tomorrow!! yay!!

Up - Servant Appreciation Day: Yearly, our church has a servant appreciation day, where they recognize everyone who serves in the ministry with a small token of their appreciation (this year it was a cool leather pocket calendar & notepad)... have someone from each ministry come up and give a testimony.... and show a picture video. This year, B made the video (poor thing was up until 2am last night getting it finished)... and also gave a testimony for the Class-A ministry we are involved in on Sunday mornings. I also had the honor of playing "Old Rugged Cross" for Mr Lanny & his lovely wife, Shari as special music!

The Grand Finale: I wasn't feeling too great most of tonight... :-( ~ KB was being a huge stinker during church... and though training during church tends to be my area of responsibility... B was wonderful, and took over completely for me - I didn't even tell him I wasn't feeling good or anything.... but I was very grateful! ~ After church, we went over to Nouna's house for some delicious Chili with her & the inlaws- and even tried to enjoy the ball game. (I say "tried" because Rays lost again! - stink!). All in all, we had a nice visit... that is, until the end.... Then all h-e-double-hockey-sticks broke loose. First sweet SIL got upset over something, which [unfortunately] I know all too well about - and was yet the third or fourth person to cry on me today... And then, to top it all off... DH seems to have caught some sort of stomach bug.. which has had a very unpleasent outcome!! :-( Talk about a perfect ending to such a crazy weekend... huh? - Heh. (:rolls eyes:)

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