Thursday, October 9, 2008

sign language

KB signed "please" today!!

I have been doing sign language with KB since she was just a few months old..... and she's really (amazingly) taken off with it, lately! It's so neat to be able to communicate with her, beyond her simple words & baby babbling! She's been able to sign "more" & "milk" for awhile now... but now even those have evolved. Her once finger-tipped clap for "more" has turned into an actual, properly formed sign!! It's awesome!

As with most babies... she picked up on her first few signs slowly, but used them constantly. Now, all of a sudden we are showing her her signs, and she is picking on them in a matter of days! I now am constantly looking new signs up, so that I can introduce them to her! She now signs, & consistently uses: "more", "all done","milk", "drink", "eat", "potty", "hat"... and then today, on a whim, I said "say please"... and to my surprise, she actually did it!! (I only began teaching her this sign, the end of last week!!) It is so wonderful to already have such an insight on what she wants/feels! I can't wait to teach her some more!!

There are many ASL resources online, but my favorites are:

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