Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Alle, alle auch sind frei!

Or should I say... Ollie Ollie Dachsund free?

Yup... that's right... we added another dog to our household, yesterday! His name is Oliver ("Ollie") , and he is a 3 year old, [not-so]-mini Dachshund. I say not-so... because that short little elongated body weighs a whoppen 23 lbs! He's a solid boy! (B adoringly calls him "beef log"... lol!) Though we really weren't looking at getting another dog... I have always been fond of dachshunds... and he was not-only free, but in need of an immediate good home... so here he is! He was raised by a single mom - who received him when he was only 5 weeks old - her young daughter (now 2½), a Massif, and another Mini-Dachshund. - So he is used to being around other dogs, and young children! His family was suddenly faced with having to move out of their place... and into another [not so animal friendly] one.... so she posted him on FreeCycle... and after no interest, was about to take him to the pound. I couldn't bear to see that happen... so I called her up, 20mins later she brought him over to "meet him"... and before I knew it, he was ours! He is really a sweet, affectionate, and fun-loving dog... and is adapting well into our home!

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Megan said...

He is so cute! We just had to re-home our two Dachshunds Lucky and Ginger because our new house is not animal friendly. The day before we were going to have to take them to the pound we were put in touch with a woman who does a rescue out of her home. And now they live in a wonderful home with 8 other doggie siblings.