Thursday, November 6, 2008


I just realized I mentioned something the other day about being grateful for B's willingness to work such long hours to provide for us... but I never posted to tell you, B GOT A JOB!!! It's only through January... but it's decent $$ to pay the bills until something else come around!

Shortly after we received the "no go" call from Best Buy.... my MIL received/forwarded us an email from a family acquaintance, who has a flourishing [seasonal] business of putting up Christmas lights/decorations for [mostly] commercial properties. They were looking for some some extra help, at least through Thanksgiving -- apparently that's when most companies want to have their decorations in place by(read - crazy busy!) ... and for as long as through January (for take down/cleanup/storage).

Friday afternoon/evening, B put in the call.... and after a short conversation, they scheduled a time the next afternoon to pick up some paper work. Apparently his 1½ years of landscaping experience & many years of annually assisting in putting up his dad's crazy light displays were impressive... because they pretty much hired him on the spot! Saturday we went and picked up the paperwork (liability stuff), filled it out/returned it on Sunday, and he started working with them on Monday morning! The Lord is SO good! It's hard work and long days....but it's honest work. And with as much as he "complains" (for lack of a better terms).... he seems to like it a lot! Actually, he cracks me up when he comes home and shows me the "battle scars" he received while fluffing garland/wreaths, walking through shrubbery, stringing palm trees, or just going up and down the ladders & bucket trucks. ;-) He says it has a lot of similarities to his landscaping job... but it's nuch different than what he was was expecting it to be. ~ Though a good different!, it seems!

So far this week (three days).. he's already put in around 38 hours of work! (Thankfully he gets paid overtime.!!) He did get a slight refresher this morning - he didn't have to go in until 1:30 today - but then it was back to work. I think he possibly has tomorrow off (that would be nice!)... and I know he definitely has the weekend off.... so I am looking forward to that! As much as I appreciate everything he's doing to provide for us... we do miss him!! :-)

Anyway, thank you all SO much for all your prayers during this little adventure! God defintitely heard them... and we are eternally grateful!

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Gallagators said...

Praise the Lord! So glad He is taking care of you. I understand the missing-your-guy part. Hugs to you!