Friday, January 9, 2009

Goodbye wheat... hello happy baby!

After today's 15 min, uncontrollable, hysterical, screaming, melt-down of a fit - all over a glass cup, she isn't allowed to have - I am thinking we need to take KB off of wheat for the next month or so, and see what happens! I had already been seriously considering it for the last few days.... but was afraid I was overreacting to what was actually going to end up being just a stage she's going through... or teeth [contemplating] coming in... or something of that sort. But after talking to Marmee for a long time last night (who's been dealing with my sisters' wheat allergies for nearly 20 years), and knowing the symptoms my sisters have,** and how strongly wheat allergies run in my family... I just can't rule it out as a possibility, any longer. Though it's going to take a little more planning & discipline -- which unfortunately means even closer monitoring of what other people give her... and probably more strange looks than we already get (hey, the way things are going lately - I suppose they can't get much worse! Lol!) -- it's only for a month... and for my daughter's health, it's SO worth it! Thankfully I have my Marmee for support... as well as some great "conscious" friends who - for their own allergy needs or just as a precautionary measure - I'm sure will be able to offer me myriads of support & encouragement during this little endeavor. I am so blessed to be surrounded by so many knowledgeable people! At this point I don't think we're going to worry about all gluten... and just focus on taking out wheat. Once we see how she does with that, then we'll decide where to go from there. If this is an issue, we should notice a difference in a couple days' time.... at least, I hope we do!! ~ Wish us luck!!

My sisters, have a very pronounced 'Jekyll & Hyde'/emotional reaction when they consume wheat. They have mood swings so drastic, that they will be perfectly happy one minute & then melting down in tears, the next. It's not fun!

Side note to self - she did have various wheat items yesterday (Thursday), - including, but not limited to: pasta, goldfish, & whole wheat pumpkin muffins.... however, she has not had anything since Thursday night, at dinner.

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Gallagators said...

ohh, so sorry! allergies are hard. Patrick is allergic to eggs and milk. Hope things go well this month!