Monday, January 12, 2009


We have officially made it through the first 48-hours, since beginning Mission:Goodbye wheat, hello happy baby (over 72-hrs since she has actually eaten any wheat)... and, so far so good! As much as I was, deep down, hoping this little experiment would prove her ill-temperament to all be the results of a "stage" she's going through... I will admit, I have already noticed a happy difference in her attitude, over the last two days! (Which is both relieving & horrifying at the same time!) ~ At this point, only time will tell... !
^^Our 17 month old baby girl, as of today!! ^^

As for the rest of us... B has been putting in LONG, faithful hours with Trimmers, taking down all the holiday decor. This week alone, he clocked 92.25 hours! Which yes, has unfortunately meant him starting his days before KB & I are up... and not ending until after KB was already asleep (often times, around midnight!) Thankfully, he does get overtime... and while it has not been easy living the life of a single mom over the last two weeks... I know this is all temporary (they're supposed to finish up this next week) and am just grateful he has had the work! - not to mention the extra money... which we are hoping will be be enough to see us through, until he can find another job! As always, I know I can trust that God does & will provide! I am just anxious to see how he's going to do it, this time!

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Ligia said...

She is adorable! God bless her!