Friday, February 13, 2009

Autism vs. vaccines...

Recently, a friends sent me a link to an article, reporting on the court ruling against parents with autistic children. We have discussed the whole pro/cons to vaccinating before, and he thought I'd be interested. The article stated, vaccines are not to blame for their children's neurological disorder. (AOL article here). As a non-vaxing parent, with a autistic sister... here's my response back to him. (which I hope is comprehensible. My head is swimming, and I always have the hardest time sorting those thoughts into intelligible sentences.)...

I agree. Vaccinations *don't* CAUSE autism. BUT, I do believe that vaccinations *do* bring out the results of a genetic disorder which causes autism. And unfortunately, we do not have the testing or knowledge available to know which children are going to be affected, until it's too late.

Besides, the same ridiculous argument could be made for cancer. Considering that [approx] 98% of the death certificates for cancer patients don't list cancer as the cause of death... it's usually pneumonia, heart failure, or the like... you could claim that cancer doesn't kill. When in reality, it's all cause & effect.

Besides, I have learned to take news sources with a grain of salt. I have learned that they do tend to be somewhat one-sided... and usually heavily persuaded by the money-making, scare tactics of the "Big Pharm". Which unfortunately, also seem to be all about treating the symptoms, rather than the cause. Just because a court ruled that in this instance a vaccine (MMR in this case) didn't cause this case of autism, it does not mean that straight across the board it doesn't and hasn't happened. My sister is just one example. Christina, Heather & I were all vaccinated as children.. H & I are fine.... Christina is not. One of her symptoms of her disorder is her wheat allergy. Becca, and now we are finding out, KB also have those symptoms. However (thankfully), neither of them have been vaccinated. Could you imagine what would life be like, had mom & I not followed our hearts & studied it out? You just don't know... you **can't* know. And to me, that risk is not worth taking.

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