Tuesday, February 10, 2009


KB is at the stage in which she is constantly imitating us & wanting to be apart of everything we are doing. One of her favorite imitations, is trying to "help" with various chores around the house. I don't believe you can ever start teaching a child too young.... so we've given her a few specific "jobs" she can do, that are also helping the cause at the same time. Her newest job, since she is forever trying to get into the silverware basket... is our official silverware emptier! I just take the basket out of the dishwasher, set it next to her... and she takes it from there. So cute!

She also likes to stack the clean pots & pans in the cabinet for me..... help me carry [some of] the laundry from one place to the next, in her little white basket.... and pick up her toys, books. & other random items*... She's such a big helper!! (my baby is growing up!)

* if she see's something she knows is out of place, and (for whatever reason) cannot put it back.... it really bothers her!!

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