Monday, February 23, 2009

A Pacifier... Good, Bad or Ugly?

When KB was first born, I had people try to tell me things like .... "pacifiers aren't good," "They will cause her to not nurse properly"... "They make it hard to establish a good milk supply"... "just use the boob when the need comfort"... yada, yada, yada.  But, while I can see how they may be true for some.... it's not straight across the board, best for all. For me, it boiled down to following my heart as the mommy - you really do know best for your baby!!
I will admit, I too hesitated giving KB a paci at first.... but when I finally (after a restless night's sleep, and much encouragement from my mom) broke down & gave it to her, I could believe the difference it made! She didn't want something to always come out when she sucked (made her mad!).... lol.... but she did want to suck, to be soothed. Now, she has weaned herself from the paci... and there are times (going to sleep, sitting in church, etc) that I really miss it!


Just a random bit of info: the Greek word for pacifier is πιπιλα :: said "peh-PEE-lah "

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