Monday, March 16, 2009

blessed.... grateful.... excited!!!

Tiph Chatzistamatis is blessed beyond words.... overwhelmingly grateful.... and OH.SO.VERY excited!!!

Over the last few weeks, B has been building a website for a friend's new business he's co-constructing. In order to help him get more done & make his time most efficient, I have been helping him put the product up (basically just a bunch of copy/paste) . Grateful for my help, and knowing how much I wanted (and was *praying*) to be able to go see Heather & the baby.... B decided that he'd give me $1 for every product I finished. So, I set to work. (part of the reason my blogging has been lacking lately.)

Jump to present day.... afore mentioned friend called us this afternoon, asking if we wanted to join his family at CiCi's for dinner (their treat!) Blessed already, we joined them. Throughout dinner conversation of business & personal... his wife (a fellow homebirth mama) asked me about Heather, my new nephew, how things were going, etc. and asked if I was going to be able to see him. I shared with her, that while I had hoped to get there, due to our current financial situation, it just was not looking possible. We enjoyed the rest of our dinner, and then went our separate ways. Just as we were arriving home, B's phone rang. It was the husband of the couple, asking B if we had found a plane ticket for me... ??? B told him that while looking, we had found one for just around $150, but didn't/couldn't' get it. They talked a bit more, and then I heard him say "hold on". Next thing I know, his phone was on speaker and the friend was telling me to go buy a ticket, up to $200, and they would pay for it. I was so overwhelmed, I was literally speechless! I am not usually an overly emotional person, but was so happy, grateful, and excited, I just could not hold back the tears!

This afternoon, I didn't think I was going to get to see them anytime soon... and now I am buying my ticket, to go for a whole week!! (AND the ticket is looking like it's going to be $10 less than I originally thought!!) yayayayay!!! ::happy dance::

God is SO good.... ALL the time!!!

I can't wait to meet this little guy!!! <3>

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Gallagators said...

so happy for you!!!