Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bryce Eric Update: 3/14/09 9pm

As posted by Marmee...
This evening's x-ray showed that Bryce Eric's lung appears to be re-inflated for the second time. He has been out of the oxygen tent since 7pm and is breathing in slow, steady, even breaths. He is nursing well and looks so healthy and wonderful! He has the sweetest, calmest disposition you could ever dream of. He has even shared a few precious smiles! My heart just melts!
I am totally convinced that God heard the many, many prayers lifted up on his behalf and saw fit to heal him. We will continue to ask God to allow him to make progress and possibly even come home tomorrow, Sunday! This is a long shot, but Daddy Bryce has to work Monday and I want him to be the one to bring his family home! Thank you to everyone who joined with us in prayer across the US and around the world! We serve a mighty God!!
We will update after the Dr. comes in Sunday morning! blessings and hugs! Marmee

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