Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bryce Eric II --- update @ 11:54pm: HE'S HERE!!

He's here!! I'm an auntie!!! I am SO excited!!!

11:54 pm - The little guy just couldn't wait any longer, and decided to make his entrance a little early. Bryce Eric Reckner II was born today, March 10th, 2009, at just barely 37 weeks gestation. He weighed a tiny 6lbs 14 oz and is 19 inches long. Both mommy and baby are doing well!! ::happy sigh:: -- Welcome to the world, Bryce Bryce! I am SO happy you are here!! I cannot *wait* to meet you, and pray it will be very soon! I love you little man!!

10:46 - Still waiting.... Bryce says she's resting well between heavy contractions.... (meanwhile, Marmee is in W.Virginia)

7:50 - She's at 9 cm!! I should be a auntie within the next hour or two!!! Praying for you, H!!! (and for Marmee as she rushes to get there!!)

7:00 - Talked to mom again. Contractions are strengthening and coming closer together. They are at the birthing center.

3:30 - Talked to mom. They left co-op early, threw their bags together and are on the road. It's hard for her to think of not being there for the actual birth, we know God has everything planned out exactly as it needs to be. Please pray for their safety - they have a long 11½ hour drive ahead of them! !

3:30 - Just heard from Heather! She met with her midwife, and she is already dilated to 5 cm and is 90-100% effaced! Heather says she feels really drained between each contraction. Her voice sounded tired. By the way things have progressed/are progressing, I am expecting to be an aunt before the day is over!! ~ Praying for you, H!!! I love you!!!

1:30pm - I just talked to Heather, and it sounds like she is in the beginning stages of labor!! She started having mild contractions last night (approx 10 mins apart), but thankfully was able to get some rest! She was up again at 4am.... and now, despite laying down, drinking water or taking a hot shower, they are coming steadily at 3-5 minutes apart!!

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