Saturday, March 14, 2009

Collapsed again... (w/ UPDATE @ 6:55pm!!)

UPDATE: 6:55 pm
We Are at the Hospital I got to peek at him (he's in the nursery) He is so sweet!

BE is gonna be coming off the oxygen and going in for another x-ray at 7 PM(in 5 mins) please pray very hard!!! If the x-rays don't show good news(improvement) then it's possible they might have to transfer him to Hershey... Pray Pray Pray! ~Thank you!

Written By Heather M & Ashlee this morning....

Bryce[Eric]'s lung has partially collapsed again so they are repeating the oxygen treatment for 8 hours..... which was successful before for 8 hours. He'll definitely be in the hospital till tomorrow, but the good news is he can come out of the oxygen tent to feed!! If there are any further complications or episodes he will be transported to Hershey, PA. (1 1/2 hours away)

Thank you all for praying!!
We are on our way to he hospital now! Pray really hard for Heather too... as we all can imagine it would be very hard to see your baby go through this!


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