Thursday, March 12, 2009

PRAYERS!! (8pm: UPDATE at bottom!!)

I want to ask for your prayers!!! Heather & Bryce Eric were supposed to be released from the hospital** but after some tests, were postponed until tomorrow. I just got a call from my Mom, and after some x-rays, have discovered that the lower part of BE's right lung is collapsed. They are going to put him in an oxygen tank for the next 8-12 hours (most likely the latter due to the time of day), and then take another x-ray to see where we stand. They have requested that the oxygen tent be in their room, and the doctor said he'd do his best to make that happen. Please pray that the staff will be able to arrange something, so he won't have to be separated from Heather. Also, unfortunately, this means Heather will not be able to breastfeed BE for the next while... but given how shallow his breathing is, hard he is having to work to breathe... he's not really nursing, as it is. The nurses are supposed to get H a breast pump, and if she can get any colostrum, they will give it to BE. Otherwise they will monitor his hydration, and give him some electrolyte solution if needed. Please pray for BE's quick healing, and ease in breathing.... and that weight or jaundice do not become an issue!! Thankfully, the rest of his lungs & his heart look healthy and fine.... and we are praising the Lord they are not having to transfer him to a bigger hospital or anything! Most likely they will not be released tomorrow - discharge all depends on getting & keeping BE's lung inflated.

(Photo taken last night!)

Thank you for your prayers! - I will keep you updated as I know more!!


**(for clarification, her midwife delivers in a birthing center area IN the hospital)

Edit: 7:56 - What a day!

I just talked to mom again, and Heather was able to pump about 3oz in just a short time... so they will be giving that to BE from his tube!! That's a major praise! Unfortunately, they were not able to put the oxygen tent in Heather's room. Meaning he is down in the nursery for the next 8-12 hours as he gets his treatments. Please pray for strength for Heather. She is having hard time, as she cannot hold him while he is getting his treatment... so if he cries, etc. it's very difficult to deal with. She called my mom, and Marmee is headed back up there, to lend some extra support.

Then, on top of all this news of BE.... my dad came over this afternoon, and went on & on about job/life problems... and then, my mom calls back to tell me about some other things going on.... INCLUDING that my Grandma (her mom) was recently diagnosed with cancer again. (It's in the same lung as she had partially removed a few years ago - she will begin treatment (chemo) next week.) I just don't know how much more I can take! I really feel so helpless. I am praying... but it's just not the same! I want to BE there with them, and see my nephew, and *hug* all of them, and tell my sweet sister everything will be alright, and eat Oreos with Peanut butter with her.... ::tear:: this is SO hard!! ::tear::

(and of course, it doesn't help (emotionally) that a certain monthly visitor came to town this afternoon.... arg!! )


Christy said...

praying for you and your family!! major hugs going your way!

Gallagators said...

I'm so sorry, Tiph. I'll be praying for sweet little baby Bryce and his family. I had to have Patrick separated from me after he was born and I know it is very hard. I'm so sorry you all are going through so much right now. May He continue to hold you up and be your strength. Love from Hope~