Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today... March 4, 2009

Outside my Window... A cool, yet warm, sunny day!

I am remembering... only 2 more months till my birthday!

I am thankful for... The random side work B has been doing!! (and a possible job lead!)

And, for ALL the safe arrivals of:

My midwife (Harmony)'s baby, Rio on 1/22

Fallon Paige on 2/24
(her parents, Amanda & Dave work with us in the youth program at church! )

tiny, little Hope Alberta on 2/27... Hudson William on 3/2...
Edit (3/5): Connor on 3/4!!! (Whew! All these babies!!)

And not too much longer, before it's Ruth's baby... and then my nephew!! ~ yay!!

I am thinking... What needs to be done, to rearrange/redecorate the family/media room!!

I am wearing... bathing suit, white t-shirt, blue gym shorts, barefeet & hair in a ponytail.

I am reading.. still slowly making my way through Devil Wears Prada

From the kitchen... Smoothies! We have discovered that a handful of frozen cranberries are a wonderful addition, and give it a fantastic sweet/tart flavor!! ~ Friday, I made Teriyaki glazed Turkey (made the glaze sauce from scratch!) & fried rice (also from scratch - the first time). It was tasty! ~ Sunday, B made Pumpkin spice whole wheat waffles for the church breakfast. (yum!) ~ Monday, I made potato/leek soup... and it turned out *awesome*! Better than I thought! ~ Yesterday, I made brownies (just a box mix someone gave to us), for the dessert fellowship following the revival meeting. ~ Sometime this week, I want to get more honey (I am out! - the horror!) and try making this Butter Ball Cookie recipe I found! The ingredients are fairly healthy & it's wheat free! If they turn out well, I will post the recipe! ~

I am hoping/praying... Heather's ultrasound goes okay tomorrow, and everything looks perfect with her fluids, BE's size/development, etc!

I am creating... I just made KB a quick, throw-together apron... it came out really cute!

I am hearing... absolutely nothing.... weird.

One of my favorite things... Garlic! Not only is a a beautiful, delicious, & savory way to [rather inexpensively] embellish a dish... but it's also an excellent natural antibiotic, good for kicking whatever ails you!

Around the house... Thanx to B taking a load (comforter/bigger blankets) up to the laundry mat last week... we are finally close to being on top of all the laundry! ~ Kitchen is cleaned, dishwasher is run, and the floor was mopped this evening! ~ Almost all the clean clothes are (finally) put away. ~ Need to pick up random misplaced items in the family room, and the 2nd computer desk needs to be cleaned up so we can rearrange the room (hopefully) this weekend!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... We have Revival all this week at church. Friday night (the last night) is Teen night, where various church youth groups will be coming in for food, competitive games & fellowship. ~ Tomorrow, B is working an expo for his seasonal job "Trimmers" (side work!). ~ I would love to go Strawberry picking sometime soon! ~ And I hope to get some thing moved around this weekend.

"''It is a sad fate for a man to die too well known to everybody else, and still unknown to himself." -- Francis Bacon


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