Tuesday, April 28, 2009

God Provides: KB's new fluffies!!!

Thanx to a very generous gift, from a very dear friend... I was finally able to order KB some much-needed, new diapers!! I was able to get 2 dozen, brand-new, Chinese prefolds (a HUGE blessing, since ours were handed down from Marmee, are really old, and are quickly becoming thread bare!), several new Thirsties covers, as well as a bonus purchase of a $10 [purple] diaper pail liner... and still remain well into the limits of my monetary "allowance"!! After some research, I decided to order from: Nickisdiapers.com... as they had a trustworthy & professional looking site... the best price for the UBCPF (by the dozen)... and FREE shipping! :-) Then.... I found a separate seller, who had two of the (v1) covers, marked for almost 25% off of the going price..... with no shipping!!! So I was able to get two more covers (the next size up!) to add to my stash.... and only because of the splurged pail liner, did it put me a few dollars over my spending goal!! I am SO excited! Thanx again, JAM.... you're the best! :)

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