Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A little background on us & no-vaxing....

The non-vaccination decision was pretty much a "no brainer" for us. Technically, we are both second-generation... but while B is totally with me and backs me 100% (it was most definitely a mutual decision!)... he really has no interest in actively seeking/researching any information, beyond that. They are bad... that's good enough for him.

A little history... DH had some vaccinations before his mom began reading, researching & learning about vaccinations. After that he didn't have any more. - his brother & sister were never vaccinated.

My second born sister (Christina) has an autoimmune disorder (like celiac disease), that reacted with her vaccinations, and caused her to now be [thankfully only mildly] autistic. Not knowing what was going on, mom started researching the vaccinations (and the connections between the two), and stopped all further vaccinations on the both of us. My other three sisters were never vaccinated! Since then, we have come to learn that my youngest sister (Becca) also has the disorder.... and after much studying and know further knowledge of what she didn't know with Christina.... it hit mom that according to Becca's tendencies, etc... she would be just like Christina (if not worse) had she been vaccinated. (talk about getting hit with a load of bricks!) So, in a nutshell, one of my reasons (among many) for our decision not to vaccinate, is because autoimmune disorders have an hereditary influence, and close relatives (especially first degree relatives, such as children, siblings, and parents) have a higher risk of being affected with the condition. Why risk it with something that isn't necessarily going to work anyway?

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