Saturday, April 18, 2009


~ Tiffany & Vanessa ~ Summer of 1999 ~
Though we've known each other since we were just tikes (two or three?)... and saw each other on a a weekly basis for years.... we were oddly, nothing but mere ships passing in the night. Then one summer - the Summer of 1994 - something suddenly clicked between us... and from then on, we were best-friends! Through the years, she has stood by me during the good, the bad & the ugly. Our friendship has seen it share of tests & trials... yet the bond between us, has remained strong & true. Vanessa has truly been my "bosom friend." - my kindred spirit to whom I can confide my inmost soul. ;-) But alas, the pages have turned.. and the time since we shared those carefree days of our girlhood- our long walks, mini backpacks, spy clubs, and summer plays - have now swiftly drifted into nothing but fond memories. Mere short chapters in a much grander story of life. Our lives are forever moving forth, & ever-changing. Yet, I hope she knows that no matter what life brings... or how far apart we live.... she will always hold a very dear place in my heart.

So now, exactly 4 years and one week after she honored me, by standing as my bridesmaid in my wedding... it is her turn. Probably right now, as you are reading this... we are busily bustling around, in preparation for her big-day... which hold no greater honor & joy, than to be standing by her side, as she exchanges her vows, and starts such an amazing new chapter in her life! Congratulations Vanessa! I love you! <3

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