Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today... May 12, 2009

Outside my Window... HOT, sunny, humid. - summer is already practically here.

I am remembering... All the many birthdays so far this month!! Amber on the 1st.... Kim on the 2nd... Andy (FIL), Ms. Kathy Jackson & the Reckner twins on the 5th... Ashlee-friend & Garske on the 7th... JAmes on the 11th... "Aunt Kathy" on the 12th... Baby Mac on the 13th.... Grandmother on the 14th... and so many more to come!! Harmony, Emily W, Ms Kathy P, Erika, and the list goes on!!

I am thankful for... the delivery work B has had this week for the florist shop - though we miss him!

I am thinking... What IS that song??? (Found it! ~ "Tara's theme," Gone with the Wind ~ Coolness!)

I am wearing... Jean skirt just below the knee, green cami, barefeet, hair a mess - I need to get in the shower....

From the bookshelf...
ReChecked: "Eating through the Alphabet" (Love that book!)

"Growing Vegetable soup" by Lois Ehlert - the same author as the afore mentioned "Eating through the Alphabet" -- This book has a cute concept, but I wasn't nearly as impressed by it as the other one. The colors are flat, it has poor contrast between object & background, and while the main wording is large... the print labeling the items is small, and hard to read. Would probably be better in a lap book size, and enjoyed by a beginner reader, rather than a toddler.

"Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?" by Nancy White Carlstrom and Bruce Degen - This Classic rhyming book, has a fun familiarity to our every day life. A little more lengthy than your average board book... but not as long as some story books (which KB does have the attention span for yet.).

From the kitchen...
Today we had Tuna on rice cakes topped with a cold slice of pickle, a mozzarella cheese stick, and [homemade] peach/mango/carrot juice smoothie for lunch.... and [organic] carrot sticks with natural peanut butter, for snack~ Last night we had Hamburgers, homemade mashed potatoes & green beans. ~ Yesterday, for lunch, we had nachos!

I am hoping/praying... For Anna & her baby boys... that everyone will get healthy & strong, so they can all be at home, together!

I am creating... just made KB crayons... as well as the new siggy/scrappy picture you'll see below... :)

I am hearing... Various Disney/Pixar soundtracks playing randomly from my player (Bugs Life, Monsters Inc, Aristocats, Incredibles, Ratatouille, Toy Story)

One of my favorite things...

Around the house... Working

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... Other than a LLL meeting on Thursday morning.... hopefully a date night on Thursday night (we didn't get to go last week, and I *missed* it!!).... A Walk for Life on Saturday morning.... a 1st birthday party f0r baby Mac on Saturday afternoon... and a babyshower for my life-long friend, Kim (baby Isabella) on Sunday afternoon... I really have no idea. Oh I also have offertory Sunday morning, and special music both Sunday morning & night.

Oh! What was that verse I wanted to use here?? arg! I guess I will have to come back with it....
Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

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