Thursday, June 4, 2009

Goodnight Moon...

Our latest project is setting up a bedtime routine for KB. It's not necessarily a schedule... because though we try to start about the same time each night, it still varies a bit (pretty much within a 2hour period). Plus, we like the flexibility. Ideally we start sometime around 10pm (yeah, we're late night folks)... and then adjust the length of certain parts of the routine (ie length of bath playtime, length of story, etc), depending on the time we begin. We're still working on getting into a rhythm... but we've been at it for a whole week now, and it's going really great!

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So far, our night goes something like this....
  • Bath (which she loves - she'll play in there forever!)
  • Dry off
  • Brush teeth
  • Lotion /massage
  • Pajamas/night diaper
  • Story
  • Prayers with daddy/tell daddy goodnight
  • Nurse while mommy sings /rock her to sleep
  • Lay her down in her bed ~ w/ music playing & the closet light on (she hates dark!)
She usually falls asleep pretty quickly, once she starts to nurse. Once she's asleep & laid down (which can be tricky - she's a light sleeper!), then she'll typically sleep until about 3-4am... at which time when she comes into our bed, to nurse & fall right back to sleep. She then finishes the night with us. Overall, she's a really good sleeper, and will sleep a total of about 12 hours each night... unless I wake her before then. :)

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