Monday, June 22, 2009

I couldn't help but pass on this wonderful & ensightful bit of encouragement! ~ Keep pressing on... it may not be easy now... but it *will* be worth it all!! :)

Everything that irritates me in my 5 year old, all the traits that make parenting him challenging - these are the traits I admire in adults, and will make him the type of man I'll look up to when he's 20.

And it's true! His determination to do what he believes is right, his sense of fairness/injustice, his one track mind when it comes to pursuing something he's determined to do, his sense of purpose - when those cross what's easy and convenient for me as a person, my own sense of selfishness makes me want to stifle that, shut him up, shut him down, and just make him LISTEN TO ME ALREADY DARNIT. hissy fit But when I take the time to figure out what's driving the behavior, I can help him learn to focus those traits and channel him in the right direction.

Infinitely more work...but I have to keep the end goal in mind. I really am parenting him into the man he'll become - not the "convenient kid", but the grown man I'll admire and be proud of.

~Wonder Woman

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