Monday, July 20, 2009

Our day....

This morning I woke up to the most amazing cool breeze blowing through! Apparently the storm during the night was enough to seriously cool things off (at least for a little while). Really nice, but also bizzare. Are you sure we're still in southwest Florida, in the middle of.... JULY?! At any rate, I am taking full advantage by having all my windows open, and enjoying the fresh air blow through - a welcome change to the normal constant air-conditioning going at this time of the year. Coupled with the glorious fresh smell of the neighbors' lawns being mowed... coffee brewing..... music being played... and little one is off coloring & exploring. It is truly a a beautiful morning!

Then, this afternoon, I needed a few more items for dinner... so KB and I walk the half-mile, to the grocery store. Now, I have walked this route several dozen times.... but never have I experienced such strange events as I did today. --- From the old guy who saw KB getting into the potatoes in the produce dept, and proposed I use candy to keep her hands busy (no thank you sir, she doesn't eat candy. No, I am not "lucky"... we have a no sugar policy in our home!)... to the old lady who stopped me to inquire about KB's stainless steal water bottle (she just read about them & the hazards of plastics, and wondered what they looked like - ::raised eyebrow:: okay.)... to the "good Samaritan" who stopped to offer us a ride (keep in mind, it's a busy road - not exactly a road one just randomly stops!) the 3-4 passing cars that honked at me + 1-2 guys that holleredout of their car windows at me. -- Not a normal occurrence.... esp et alone, for me!! What makes it esp hilarious though, is my appearence. I quickly threw on a t shirt & denim skirt as I was running out the door... my hair is a mess... and at the time, I was slowly pushing a stroller containing a hot & tired toddler (My Ergo was in the truck, at work, with my husband... grr.) and a *bunch* of groceries ... not exactly what I'd call a hot & glamorous sight. LoL (okay so I was hot... but more in the sweating, working out sense)... aye yi yi! ~ Never a dull moment!

With that, I am off to start dinner! :-)

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