Monday, September 14, 2009

Oats & your skin...

As you may know, the key to having good skin, is based on these principles: hydration - to flush toxins out of your body (8 -8oz glasses of water s the recommended daily intake)... Exercise - increases blood flow, which also assists your body in getting rid of toxins... Healthy eating - lots of raw fruits & veggies!..., Proper amount of sleep... proper sun protection... keeping stress low... using natural skin products... and of course, cleanliness.

The last two in this list is where I have been focusing most, lately. Since I was pre-adolescent, I have struggled with mild to medium acne. Partially due to hormones... and partially (as I have since discovered) due to the chemicals in the various products I was using. From Shampoo to body wash.... face wash to make up... it all attributes to the overall health & clarity of your skin.

But what exactly is ‘natural skin care’? Simply put, it is caring for your skin in a natural and chemical-free way - enabling the skin to take care of itself - without any assistance from synthetic materials and/or chemicals.

In general, I have noticed a huge difference in the overall health of my skin. (esp face, neck & back).. just by switching to a natural shampoo, conditioner & body wash. I can't help but think of that slogan "Love the Skin you're in" (is that Olay?) . But to me, that is not about using the commercial "miracle" products being advertised through that little catch phrase.... but about finding a natural alternative to ultimately care for your body's largest, and most absorbent organ.

It is said:
Our skin, the largest eliminatory organ in the body and our first line of immunity, is permeable to all chemicals. Medical research shows that significant amounts of cosmetic ingredients, including carcinogenic substances, penetrate the skin and end up in the blood stream. Many chemicals in cosmetics don’t cause obvious signs of toxicity on the skin but slowly poison us thorough repeated use.
And I have no doubt that even the hair-product suds being washed over - as well as the product used - have a huge effect in that.

Back to my dilemma... as a whole, my skin tends to be oily... getting extremely dried out (peeling, tightness, stinging) with typical oily-skin-care products (from Dermatologist prescribed, to Neutrogena, to even Mary Kay - I have tried many!)... but always getting grimy/oily feeling only several hours later.

So naturally (no pun intended - lol) when my sister told me about using oatmeal... I decided to give it a try!

You might be surprised to learn that oatmeal - besides being full of fiber & other internal health benefits - is that it's great for the skin! But then again, think about the ingredient many skin cleansers (like Aveeno) boast  about in their product.. that's right, oats!  Plain rolled oats, can be ground to make a gentle and very effective natural skin cleanser and facial scrub. It can helps moisturize and relieve dryness, restore natural moisture balance, and even soothe skin inflammation. When used as a skin cleanser, oatmeal actually absorb and remove surface dirt and impurities... providing a very gentle exfoliation, removing dead skin cells, and revealing clean, softer, smoother looking skin.... without soap! In addition, cleansing and exfoliating with oatmeal provides the bonus of a natural, healthy glow.
I put large handful of rolled oats in the blender (coffee grinder would work too).... grind them into a meal of medium-fine granularity... and store it an old [large, glass, with shaker lid] oregano container! Then to use: I thoroughly wet my face with water, and with several tablespoons of grounds sprinkled into the palm of my hands, I exfoliate with a circular upward and outward motion. Then I rinse clean, and pat dry. It's simple, cheap, and works wonders!! My face always feels so refreshed & clean!
And, if you have really dry skin or are in need a little extra hydration.... try coconut oil! - It works as a very effective moisturizer, on all skin type - as well as a lotion, and massage oil! - and is very good for your skin (as well as a multitude of other things! :)

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