Tuesday, September 1, 2009

People for Change

This *excellent* article was written by my 16 year old brother-in-law, for our local Young Conservatives Blog. ~ Good job, Dave! I'm SO proud of you!!!

I was at an IHOP a couple weeks ago enjoying their delicious food, when in walked three guys (apparently geeks, because one of them looked like Napoleon Dynamite. Literally, I’m not joking.) One of the other guys, though, had on an Obama T-shirt. My first thought after seeing that shirt was ‘Oh, great. There goes my appetite out the window!’ But after further consideration (after considering throwing spitballs at them), I remembered that that guy has his constitutional rights to wear that shirt. While walking around the mall, though, a few days ago, I saw another guy wearing an Obama shirt. It made me think, ‘What do they see in that guy who wants to bankrupt America & steal money right out of their pockets that makes them want to wear his face on their chest?’ It makes me shake my head in disbelief. I mean, Obama’s big slogan is “Change” right? Well, the way I figure it, give it a little while & pretty soon that’s all that’ll be left in our pockets! I mean really!

Perhaps you’ve seen that picture of that bum sitting on the sidewalk with a cardboard sign that says, “I’m like Obama, I want change.” I mean, hey, Obama didn’t specify what kind of change he wanted to introduce to America. I could go to my mom & say “Hey, mom, I want to change the color of my room.” But I don’t tell what color I want to change it to.

Imagine her shock when she comes home one day to find my walls hot pink, swamp green, with baby blue stripes. Eeeww!!!!

But now that Obama is the president of our great nation, I’m hoping that people will realize what they’ve gotten themselves into. Here’s another analogy: everybody likes change, everybody wants change, & everybody expects change. When you’re at the check-out counter at the store, you expect that you’ll get some change back. But how many of these first-time voters who voted for Obama are checking their change when they get it to make sure that it’s the change they were supposed to get? Do they even know the change they were supposed to get? Or are they just taking it & shoving it into their pockets without stopping to see what it is?

Let’s say that Obama does make a mistake some day (which I’m not saying is highly probable) that makes everybody suddenly not like him. What kind of shirts are they gonna’ have then? Maybe one that says “I want my change back!” Change is a very broad term. It could mean anything good or bad. Nobody really cares about the little change (pennies, nickels, etc.) But everybody wants their big change, like their dollar bills. Everybody is looking at Obama to see his big change, like stopping the war. But are they looking at his little changes, like signing the tobacco regulation bill that will hurt the economy? Those little changes are the ones that can make the bigger changes in America. So next time you want some “change”, America, make sure it’s a good kind of change.

By David C.

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