Thursday, October 22, 2009

Nut-butter balls....

I know I have posted this recipe before... but it's too good to just let it slide into archives!! ~ Plus I made a few additions when I made them yesterday... that I just had to share!!

If you are looking for a "healthy" option in fighting a chocolate craving.... these make for an awesome alternative to junky cookies (or Reese's cups)!!! The combination of nut butter & cocoa powder tastes amazing... and, believe it or not - despite being relatively healthy for you - they are so very sinful!! :)

Nut-Butter Ball Cookies...

(I actually halved the recipe, when I made it today, and as you can see by the picture - at the size I made them (think golf ball sized) - it still made *plenty*.

* 2 1/2 cup Oats

* 1 cup nut butter (I used all-natural, organic [no sugar] peanut butter)

* 1/2 cup flax seeds, ground

- (I also added some chopped up almonds)

* 1/2 cup agave nectar or honey (used honey)

* 1/2 cup dried coconut (probably did a 1/3 of that, due to household taste preferences)

* 2 T carob powder (I'll admit, I used cocoa powder - lol!)

* Optional: dates or raisins, chopped. (used about 1Tbs raisins -unchopped)

* Optional: Cacao nibs or carob chips. (or semi-sweet chocolate chips... ;)

- (I also added a little salt, to taste - to accent the sweetness, and give it that sweet/salty flavor I was craving... :)

Mix together until combined well... then dig in - rolling the batter into balls with your hands. (You may need to wash your hands after a few, as sticky hands make it very hard to roll them.) Refrigerate, and they are good to go.

Makes an awesome, quick on-the-go snack - or a tasty alternative to sugary treats, served at celebratory events.

Additional though/note: Nursing mama's... are ya looking to increase your milk supply? Try adding some sesame seeds to the recipe!!! Sesame not only contains twice as much calcium as one cup (240 ml.) of milk... and has awesome essential fatty acids.... but they also work to increase one's milk supply/production!! :)

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