Friday, November 6, 2009


Over the course of the last month or two, KB has acquired four little goldfish! :) "Nemo", "Fishy", & "Shark-bait" and a fourth, yet to be named, happily reside in a large fishbowl, in the middle of our kitchen table - dearly loved & observed by all.

But alas, I guess there is a reason we never found a name for that fourth little fish. For sadly, we came in this morning to find our little golden aquatic friend having an extended "sleeping" break.Not wanting to make a big deal that is was permanently "all gone"... I quietly slipped away to the bathroom - fish bowl in tow - where goldie received the proper ritualistic burial by flush.

(picture courtesy of)

But.... much to my chagrin.... our little girl is way too smart for her own britches. Just as I was walking back in the kitchen, to replace the fish bowl back into it's rightful resting place... KB suddenly looks up from what she's doing - having heard the distant flush - and exclaims with such excitement & glee... "Mommy, fish go pee?!" ::clapping hands:: "Yay!!!!"

Oh my.... hahaha.! ~ Can you tell who's focused on the whole potty training thing these days?? ;-)

Now I just hope the others don't involuntarily follow suite... :-/ -- Yeah, I think we'll be keeping the chairs up on the table, for a while - just in case. ;)


Megan said...

Oh my goodness, she is the sweetest. One of our goldfish just passed too.

Sara said...

Oh, dear... I do hope those aren't your gold fish in that tiny little bowl. Did you know they could grow to be 6-8 inches long, and live to go to college with you little ones? Try upgrading them to a real fish tank, preferably 20 gallon or larger, with a heavy-duty filtration system. It's always so sad to see goldfish being put in tiny containers... have you researched your species at all?

Tiph said...

Sara - thank you so much for your concern! No, the picture featured is not ours but a a stock photo I found online. Our own goldies - when living - first lived in a very large bowl... and then a 30 gallon tank. As for the species.. they were the cheap ones you buys at the pet store, or win at the fair. Nothing special... but very fun for a toddler to watch! ;) Thanks for you comment!