Thursday, November 26, 2009

City Calendar!

Back in Sept/Oct, our city's Facebook page posted, asking everyone to post their best pictures of the city... which they would randomly publish on the website... as well as pick a few to publish in the 2010 Calendar.  With very little expectation, I (along with dozens of other people, and at least a hundred other photos) posted a handful of my favorite pictures, excited to share my view of our beautiful city.

Well, I just opened my email, and look what I found waiting for my in my inbox...

Please find the Photo Release attached for the 2010 Calendar that Sarasota City Website is going to print.  We also attached the images that we would like to use in the calendar calendar. The images attached will be included as a (3) small images on the calendar. Please return the attached photo release signed to us either via fax or mail. Once we have received the release and the images we will return the release signed by us with payment to you.

Small image size requirements: High Resolution at 1000px by 750px
(marina at dusk; chairs overlooking bay; windsurfer)
  Please contact us if you have any questions in regards to the Calendar and the release.

Each image will include: photography by: Photographers name --

Kind Regards
 That's right! Out of probably a hundred or more pix, they picked THREE of my pictures, to be included in the calendar!  I am SO excited!!  Wow! What a honor!

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Jaime Kae said...

That is awesome, Tiph!