Monday, August 8, 2005

TFY: Busch Gardens

Well it's been several days since I wrote an update... so I think it's about time! 

We went to Busch Gardens with the gang on Saturday, and had a ton of fun!!!    Our tried and true group of six, tries to get together as often as we can. -- We've all have been friends for many, many years (except Chad - he's our newest addition ;-)... and we always have a *blast* hangin' out together!!    Unfortunately, we didn't take our cameras with us (I know... a shocker from the shutter-bug couple) so I don't have any pictures to share with ya'll. :-(  Actually, it's a really good thing we didn't have our camera with us, because it ended up pouring (with 60 mph winds) at about 5:00, and by the time we made our way through the mass exodus, and  caught the shuttle to get to our car we were all soaked to the bone!! We were all just lovely... if you like the drowned rat look.... :-P Ah... fun times! :-} Anyhoo, B and I did have a picture taken in one of those little photo booth, and it came out kinda cute, so maybe I can post it later.... Until then, here are a  few pix of our last get together with everyone (having dinner at Carabba's)...

James ~ Emma ~ Ally ~ Chad ~ Tiffany (me) ~ & Bill (taking picture)

Ally (Garske) Flagg and Chad Flagg -- They are so cute together!

James Maltby and Emma Garske-- My two really good friends are now a couple!

Chad and Ally -- I love this picture of them!


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