Monday, January 11, 2010

Winter Wows!

Well, we only saw a little sleet in our county, Saturday...  along with lots of rain, and a high  climbing no higher than the very low 30's (with feel-like temps in the low-mid 20's).  Crazy!! A few counties north of us, did see a little snow, though....
Mini snowman - Dade City, FL
Notice the bottle cap hats? - heehee! :)
pix -courtesy of Storm Team 8 WFLA-TV

It's cooold!!!  They are now reporting one or two more nights of freeze warnings, and then  we should start seeing the warmer temps creeping back into our tropical paradise. (horray!)  But here's something I found to *very* interesting...
So far, we have had "10 consecutive days of Below 60° highs, at Tampa International.... the longest stretch, since 1890!!!
1890!!  That's 120 years!! Wowsers!! I also heard that while we haven't hit our overall record-low for January (20° in 1940).... we have hit many of our day-to-day records. For instances, on January 6th our standing record-low was 36° (in 1970)... this year, on Jan. 6th, our temp dropped down to 32°!

So much for global warming... LoL!!! :)

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