Thursday, February 11, 2010

Our walk...

It's was a beautiful day....  temps in the Low 50's, bright cheerful sunshine, and a cool breeze.. it was a chilly, tropical paradise!! -- One too good to not capture.

Here's a glimpse of our adventures - straight from the lens of my cellphone. :)

Leading the way...

Stopping to pick some wildflowers....

Quite beautiful for a weed!! (God is amazing!)

Stopping to rest little legs... :)

After we got home from our walk, we stopped to gather the good tangerines
that had fallen from our tree 

Sure do look purty!

KB agrees they are winners! - they tasted great!  

It's a good thing my sling has a fairly big pocket... there sure were a lot of them!
(So many, I still had to make two trips!)

Some of the other treasures KB found.

All done. And by that smile, I think our little adventure was a success....

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