Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Day....

This year we didn't do anything huge for Valentines Day....  there was no big, fancy dinner out, or  roses...  no chocolate, jewelry, cards, or the like.  But you know what?  In spite of it all.... I LOVED every moment of our day!   It ended up being one of the most beautiful, magical & memorable Valentines day we have ever had... and I think it's because it was spent all together - just me and BOTH of my loves! 

Oh! B and I did get to celebrate a little of the traditional festivities, by attending our church Valentine Banquet (held at Outback Steakhouse - yum! - the Thursday night prior Valentines day) This  worked out perfectly, since we  always go out on  Thurs night date nights, anyways.. This week, it was just like a few more joined in our weekly customs. :)  --  We had a great time, and enjoyed a evening full food, fellowship, laughter, brain  teasers/games, funny prizes... and  the infamous Leat (don't ask... long story).  
But when it came down to the day of...  we left all that jazz behind, and  just kept it simple.  And though we woke up & bustled about, like it was any other Sunday....  yet there were still some small glimpses in that rushed morning, his day was just a little more special than most.  Yes, like every week we enjoyed the lessons of our new Parenting [Sunday school] class, the fellowship of worshiping with other believers, and the preaching from God's word.... but small moments like when  B slipped  me a heart shaped sprinkle from his doughnut, whilst quietly whispering "Happy Valentines Day, I love you"... and the sermon about God's views on love/marriage -- reminders we can all use from time to time.... made it memorably unique!

Then, after the morning service, we came home,  and spent a wonderful  afternoon just chilling, and enjoying being together - the three of us.  We ate leftover Carrabba's (where we had dinner the night before, to celebrate B's sister's big concert) for lunch, snuggled on the couch, watched a few episodes of "Food Tech,"  had some tickle fights, and laughed so hard, my sides hurt.  Then after evening church, we came home, snuggled back on the couch , under some cozy blankets... ate leftover Shepherd's pie for dinner, and then  - tucking KB in next to me to nurse, -  watched the movie "Food, Inc."  (which I really enjoyed, but missed the ending because I fell asleep. :-)

It was a beautiful day! <3


Oh, and so you don't think the material side of the holiday was *totally* lost... .look what my husband just bought me!! (a Celebration / Valentine gift)
We had agreed that  once we paid off our credit card (the one we had built up when B was out of work for so long)... that we could each buy something we really wanted for a while, but couldn't /wouldn't buy because of trying to pay off the card.  (obviously within reason).  So, as sales came through, B bought parts to build himself a new computer (long overdue for the Geek that he is - we bought our current one when we got married, nearly 5 years ago.).... and I wanted a Bosch mixer to pair with the grain mill my in-laws bought me for Christmas,!  So now, as soon as my Kamut order comes in.... I officially have everything I need to start making our own bread!! Hooray!!


Mer (Lulu's Mommy) said...


our vday gifts this year to ea other (the financial part) was paying for my daughters specialist. so romantic, huh? hahahaha

Tiph said...

Aww... (heehee). ~ Some years that happens.sometimes we just have to do, what we have to do. The joys of parenthood... ;) Hope you still got to do something a little special to celebrate the day with your loves!!! <3