Monday, March 29, 2010


I got my Kamut order in yesterday!!!  

What is Kamut, you ask? Kamut is an ancient grain is a cousin to wheat and was enjoyed by the Pharaohs of Egypt. It is a large chewy grain with a delicate, nutty flavor.... and is higher in protein and some minerals (incl. zinc, magnesium and the antioxidant selenium) than modern wheat.  

According to 
Many consumers with wheat sensitivities have reported that they are able to eat KAMUT khorasan wheat versus modern wheat by the International Food Allergy Association located in Illinois. Their research concluded that “For most people who are sensitive to wheat, products made with KAMUT khorasan wheat can be an excellent substitute for common wheat.” Since KAMUT khorasan wheat contains gluten, it’s not recommended for people suffering from celiac disease.
So, while My sisters/KB are not celiec disease - nor are they sensitive to all gluten - as a general rule, they cannot tolerate [modern] wheat or spelt.  They can eat  oat, just fine.... and we very recently discovered, that at least my sisters (haven't been brave enough to test the theory with KB)... can eat something made with freshly ground [modern] wheat - within the first 24 hours of it being milled - with little to know effects to their allergy.  

But all that is besides the point right now...  because we've found a grain that they can they handle all the time... Kamut!  --  And the best part.... because it's still in the wheat family, it acts the same as wheat, when cooking/baking.

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