Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Milestones: Tonight...

In a few weeks, we will celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary!  In hopes of returning to Mt Dora, (where we spent the latter part of our honeymoon) in celebration.... we are currently getting KB ready to spend the night at my in-laws tonight  (first time ever!) - as a dry-run - to see how she does away from us. On one hand, I know she will be just fine.... and the timing couldn't be more ideal. ~ Afterall, KB is now an older toddler.. and while she still nurses a lot, her survival is not dependent on me (& my milk) -- who knows when the opportunity of not having any young nurslings will happen again! heehee. ~ But on the other hand...  the first time is never easy... and I will admit, I am a nervous wreck!!!  It's the dreaded unknown....  wondering things like, 'how is she's going react the first time she wakes up in the middle of the night, and I (nor my milk) am not there to help her get back to sleep', etc... :-/  It's comforting to know I have in-laws that I can trust with  her care - knowing they will  be respectful of our wishes for her  and take good care of her...   and thankfully, B suggested we do this dry-run prior to the trip... meaning tonight, we will only be 2miles down the road, if she really doesn't cope well & needs us. (Yes I will be sleeping with my phone turned up, next to my pillow. lol!)  However, with as excited as she seems to be,  to get to "sleep at Yiayia & Papou's house" tonight... I am highly doubtful it's ever going to ring! (yeah, major mixed emotions happening here) . Of course it helps that she already *loves* going over there!  Once we arrive,  it's like she doesn't care that we are going- she truly trusts & adores them!  - and I do too! -- Here's to hoping...  :-)

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