Saturday, April 17, 2010

MIA: one amber necklace :-(

I am so disappointed!  KB's amber necklace has gone missing! :-(((  

 ^one of the last pictures I have of her wearing it^

She didn't point it out missing, until the middle of last week (how I didn't notice prior, is beyond me!!).... but thankfully - using my favorite form of media: pictures!- I have been able to narrow down the date of its disappearance to sometime between March 31 and April 4th.  (see! being a shutter bug pays off sometimes! hee,hee) Unfortunately, even with this information.... all my efforts in backtracking my steps have come to nothing but dead ends. ~ so frustrating.... and sad! - She's had that necklace since she was a baby... so it was sentimental to me -  a keepsake of her babyhood!

I am also really has me stumped as to how it disappeared! Considering it's a screw clasp...  I know that KB couldn't have taken it off.  So unless it broke... *someone* had to have removed it.- yet, no one claims to know anything about it!!! :: huh?? :::   I just don't get it!!

::sigh:: hopefully it will turn up. - soon!

Edit (4/20) - still not found.... :-(  However I did just find a picture -  that was txted to me by my BIL - of KB at Grandma Jo's 81st birthday dinner... and she is still wearing the necklace in the picture.  So  now  it's disappearance can be pegged to sometime between that night (April 1st)...  and the Easter, on the 4th.

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