Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Beyond Myself: KB's homebirth

I am pleased to note that KB's birth story is now being shared one more place among the world wide web! This time on A Much Better Cafe - a collaborative, user created resource for all aspects of attachment parenting and natural family living.

I am very excited about this, as in my opinion, he more the opportunity to share, he better! --  People need to be made aware that giving birth not a sickness to be treated, or a consequence to be feared.... it is a normal, natural process!  On the same note... homebirth is not foolish, nor is it brave. It's just being educated, and trusting your body and it's ability to do what God designed it to do - give birth.

From the page: Karabeth’s birth was the hardest and most painful thing I have ever done, I wouldn’t trade a moment of it for the world! It was long, tiring, intense and trying. I was challenged to go beyond myself, to be more than I thought I could be. I was mentally and physically pushed beyond my limits. My faith was tested and tried, and by God’s grace, I totally came out on top. -- All that was needed was faith, prayer, patience and creativity!

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