Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Maniac Monday....

Ever have one of those days, where everything goes crazy all at once... and before you know it, the day is over, & you haven't stopped once to even get a drink or water, let alone sit down. Yeah, that was my day yesterday. And just so I could go back & have a good laugh later... I wrote it all down.

Here's (the majority of) how my Monday went...
  1. Woke up
  2. Got Hubby out the door for his first day of training (yay!!)
  3. Dealt with a grumpy KB - who woke up on the wrong side of the bed
  4. Started yogurt
  5. ground coffee beans to make coffee
  6. cleaned up a puppy mess
  7. ground grain for bread, muffins, etc
  8. yelled at bird
  9. talked to mom/sister (phone)
  10. Started muffins
  11. yelled at bird
  12. Cleaned up another dog mess
  13. swept up grain KB spilled on ground
  14. Started bread & pizza crust
  15. finally made the coffee which I had totally forgotten
  16. took puppy (s2) out
  17. worked on "sit" and let them all back in
  18. talked to hubby!!
  19. put him on hold to let O back out, so he would stop barking at bird
  20. started rolling out pizza crust
  21. talked to sister briefly
  22. had to hang up, & run to shower messy kid
  23. noticed sink is stopped-up
  24. plunged it
  25. let dog back in
  26. finally convinced KB to get out of the shower
  27. Rinsed all the extra soap out of the shower
  28. cleaned up spilled jet dry (reason for #22)
  29. Finished pizza crust
  30. Got KB down for a nap ::sigh of relief::
  31. realized bread didn't really rise - arg!
  32. turned it into pizza crust
  33. hubby home!!!
  34. jump in shower
  35. realized I messed up yogurt
  36. left for groceries @ Sam'sClub & Chick-fil-a for dinner
  37. home
  38. attempt to reconcile yogurt
  39. started another batch of bread
  40. mix, rise... mix, rise
  41. Nurse KB to sleep
  42. finally get it in the oven
  43. hush crying puppy
  44. hush screeching bird
  45. lay down with hubby & wait for bread to finish
  46. go in to hush crying puppy again
  47. 12:15am... bread finally done
  48. wait for it to cool
  49. hush crying puppy again
  50. 1am - pack up bread and finally head to bed - EXHAUSTED!!!
(side note, we're watching my dad's LOUD (& quite obnoxious) Cockatoo for two weeks... so that's the bird I refer to in this list.  --  no I didn't break down & get one... if I did, I would truly have to be admitted to the asylum. seriously!

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