Saturday, July 31, 2010

Periods and puberty...

In my family growing up, we always had a very open door policy... so things like growing up, periods, boobs/bras, etc were no more than simply, a fact of life - not really a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

KB is not quite three.... and is already aware (in the simplist of terms) that big-girls (ie mommies, aunties, etc) get this thing called a period, which is God's way of cleaning the body and getting it ready to make a baby. She also already realizes, that are such things as boys & girls... and that they have different parts -- ie mommy has boobs & "girl parts" - and while daddy doesn't have {bigger, functioning} boobs, he does have "boy parts."  To her, it's just basic design... all in the way God made us....

We are also blessed to be surrounded by an amazing natural/home birthing community.... which treats things like birth & breastfeeding as a natural part of life. KB is very aware of pregnant mommy's, the fact that babies grow in their mommy's tummys... and the (natural) method to which they come out. (she actually loves watching birthing videos on YouTube - haha). And considering she is still breastfed (as well is exposed to all kinds of mommies & babies/toddlers/preschoolers that breastfeed)... KB definitely knows what breasts are for! lol!

Of course, she doesn't know yet, how babies get into a mommy's tummy. At this point, it's just one of those amazing miracles of this crazy life. But I am sure the questions will come, eventually... and when it does, I only hope I can answer a gracefully as my own mama - in a very honest, wise, and yet age-appropriate manner!

BTW, I find this thread to be very interesting...

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When I first started, we didn't do the Redparty thing... though I probably would have (personally) been fine with it... but my mom did make a little celebration out of it, by taking me out for ice cream and buying me a pretty new dress. It was so special... and made the begging of my journey to womanhood feel so meaningful!