Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Book Review: Pancakes for Breakfast!

We received this book (among many others) in a big box of books which my grandmother (a retired school teacher) passed down to us. Having grown up with Tomie DePaola books, I  decided to keep this one mostly for sentimental reasons... but considering the more simplistic illustrations, and lack of written dialogue.... I never expected KB to take to this book - but, she LOVES it!

Pancakes for Breakfast / by Tomie DePaola

"Pankcakes for Breakfast" comes out at least once a week, for KB's nightly-bedtime story with her daddy - usually with much excitement & anticipation!  Of course with B's crazy, uber- creative mind and  amazing ad-lib skills...  I guess it's really not a wonder, she looks forward to it with such zeal & fervor! You just never know twists he  is going to put into the story this time...  :-)  And I love listening to them giggle and bond as the explore this simple but fun story about "Grandma Nicklebacher" (as DH recently dubbed her- lol)... and her quest for pancakes!! :-)

Set in the country, "Pancakes for Breakfast" is a story of a lady who wakes up one cold winter morning and decides to make warm pancakes. While originally published in l978, it remains a delightful, timeless lesson on how pancakes are really made. (There's not a frozen package or mix box in sight)

Even though there is no story text, DePaola's signature illustrations depict the story flawlessly, and leave little doubt about how to whip up a batch of pancakes from scratch. Readers are walked through the process of making pancakes including collecting eggs, milking a cow, churning butter, and obtaining syrup from a Maple farm. The simple pictures reveal the thoughts and emotions of the (ever so persevering) woman,  quite beautifully.

 The story line is easy to follow, but does a wonderful job of creating an engaging story which will nurture your child's imagination & creativity - and create a story that will truly grows with the child.   Finishing with an unexpected twist of delight & humor.. "Pancakes for Breakfast" is a book that has stood the test of time... and (though skeptical before) I can now see this book being a favorite for years to come!
Moral of the story... "If at first you don't succeed, try, try, again."

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