Friday, September 17, 2010

Hair adventures...

Thanks to the inspiration from The Story Of A Princess And Her Hair as well as my magnificent Mom's of Girls... I have decided every day (that go out)... to try some new (ie something other than the standard two pig tails or single pony tail).styles on KB's hair.  I have only been at it two days... and so far, it's It has been challenging, but so much fun!

Ok, so this is what her hair looks like untamed... Pretty wild, huh... ??

This is my first attempt....

I did low part on the left side... loosly french braiding the hair on the right. At first I planned to do a small braid and leave the rest down..... but her hair was so fluffy that day,  that the left side looked kinfa funny left hanging down... so I decided to pull  back in a ponytail.

Lesson learned from this - her hair is curly and fine..  therefore, it's 1000x's easier styling it wet than when it's dry!!!  ~ Note to self - find my little spray bottle for future styling.... eek! lol

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