Sunday, July 10, 2011

One month....

One month ago today, we got the call... At 4:48 this afternoon, Aunt Nat left a message on my voice mail that would shake my world completely.  It was the earth shattering reminder of how short life really is.
Keetz w/her niece, Ava - June 2010

Keetz, I think about you every single day. I see things everywhere that are constant reminders of you.... Batman stuff is suddenly at every turn I make, and KP's "Firework" seems to set on a perpetual repeat, no matter where I go. :) And though I can't help but smile when I think of how *amazing* you are doing right now - dancing with Jesus!♥ - my heart still hurts, and the harrowing reality is still the same... You're gone.  And I miss you!!  :-'(

Rest in Paradise, Babygirl. ~  Until we meet again!
I love you 4ever! ♥