Monday, July 25, 2011

Yo Ho, Yo Ho! A Pirates Life for Me....

Graphic © 2011 by Keenan Sultanik ::
Oops... I mean, "A Christian's Life for Me!!" ;-)

Our 2011 Vacation Bible School is underway - this year, with an exciting Pirate Theme! 
B & I are working with our Teens... and we LOVE it (and them!)! B as well as many of the other guys (and a few gals) got themselves all decked out in full fledge pirate costumes. They looked awesome! Sadly, I forgot my camera... but I will try to remember it tomorrow (and hopefully those that had cameras, will post/share the pix soon!).  KB was in the little kids club, and had a great time!  She is soo excited for tomorrow night, and can't wait to go back!  We have some awesome ladies (fellow mamas) leading that challenging but adorable group of kiddos!

In other news on the VBS front... we had one child from one of the younger grade levels, go out inviting kids, and ended up bringing over 20 guests just by theirself! It was amazing! In total, we had just over 230 kids (and adults!) in attendance, and (the best part!!!) 24 went forward for salvation!  Disappointingly. the boys won the nickel offering (first time in like 10yrs, the girls didn't win the first night - crazy!), so Ms Melody got the dreaded pie in the face (Booo!!!!) but there's always tomorrow! Boys also won the overall point total for the night.... so we gals are gonna have to kick it up a notch if we wish to see the Big pie on the last night go in Pastor Ben's piratey scowl! heehee!  So, all in all, we're off to a fantastic start!  Can't wait to see what God is going to do over the next few days!!