Friday, August 26, 2011

What Should a 4 Year Old Know?

Someone just resposted this link on FB, and it couldn’t have been in better timing! My sweet girl turned four just 2weeks ago — making her literally the baby of her “class” (per her age group based on school year). And though we’ve never adhered to mainstream ways of doing anything (esp in our approach to parenting) in her young life… as this school year approached, and the majority of her friends prepared to begin school (K4), I do admit to feeling just a little pressured that she was not.
This author is sooo right about this world being way too competitive!! Because as I sat there – normally a very level headed & logical person – I was actually playing tug of war with myself. Fighting between what my heart knows is best for my child vs. what society was trying to convince me was best… all the while, finding myself becoming increasingly worried, that without the more “structured” learning time, she wouldn’t get enough "education" through her play, and would most certainly fall behind the others (and other such nonsensical thoughts). This post was exactly what I needed to read!  And I appreciate the author for taking the time to put these thoughts out in print! It has freed me to once again allow my daughter to take the lead -using her imagination, & sense of exploration to guide us through the many lessons this magical world has to offer us! Blessings!