Friday, October 14, 2005

TFY: Six months!

Wednesday, October 12th, was our  six-month anniversary!
I am so happy... I can't believe it has been six-months already... Wow! 
I can honestly say there is not a day that goes past, that I don't find myself falling deeper love with this wonderful gift God gave me in Bill.   The Lord challenges me daily through my husband...  to love unconditionally, be submissive (even when I deem him unworthy),  give & serve hardheartedly (an energy-giver), and to count every moment as a blessing  from the lord! --- As in every family , we have our ups as well as our downs...  but God has created us specifically for each other, to compelment each other... and is so faithful to take the "bad times" and turn them into springboards which help us better understand and love each other.  

   The Lord is SO good!

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